Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, my name is Renée, and I will be your bartender forRenee Thronson the evening:)

One of the very first jobs that I ever had (1973) was a bartending job at an old country beer joint named, Pinocchio’s in Gulfport, MS.Wow that was an experience!

In 1999 I got back into bartending…well actually I just kinda fell into it. I was applying for a job (just any job) at the casino, Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MS, and they happened to have an opening for a bartending position, I applied, was drug tested the same day, hired and started to work the next day. Because I already had a gaming badge I think that was what sped up my hiring.

I followed another bartender around on the job for 3 days, I was told to buy a bartending book and I was thrown to the wolves and had my own bar! What I didn’t know, I learned rather quickly.

Since that time I have worked at a couple of smaller bars on the coast and I worked part-time for 5 years off and on at a hotel bar in Biloxi, Gulf Beach Resort. (Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.)

What I Do Today

I guess you might say I’m retired from bartending at least now. Presently I own and run a network of web sites. I am an affiliate marketer…which means I sell other people’s stuff on the internet on a commission basis.

I still enjoy an occasional cocktail and love to go out and hear live music. I’ve always wanted to develop a bartending website.

I hope you enjoy the website and please bookmark it so you can find your way back.

If you would like to contact me, you may do so through my contact page.

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