21 Drinking Game

What You Need To Play the 21 Drinking Game

  • Playing Cards

Playing Cards

21 Drinking Game Instructions

Put 21 cards face down into a horizontal pyramid, 1 card at top and 6 at the bottom. Deal out the rest of the playing cards. The object here is not to get a match or run out of cards.

Flip the pyramid’s top card. If player 1 doesn’t have a match, the next player goes. If a player has a match, he puts his card on top of it and drinks. The next player flips over the next card and game continues. A new card can’t be turned over until someone has a match. If all players take a turn and there is still no match, move on to the next card. The game ends when there’s 1 player left in the game or the last card of the pyramid is flipped over. The last player in the game or the player with the most cards at the end, wins.

Note: Please drink responsibly. See Tips For Drinking Responsibly.

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