Jello Shot Containers

Jello Shot Containers

You have a few options for Jello Shot Containers. You’re limited only by your imagination.

2 oz. Jello Shot Cup

2 Oz Jello Shot Cups with Lids

2 oz. jello shot cups and 2 oz. jello shot cup lids can be found at most restaurant supply store and you can also order them online.

You can use a toothpick and separate the Jello from the sides of the container and then suck the shot.

You can also dip the bottom of the container in some hot water and it will loosen the Jello from the inside.

Paper Ketchup Cups

You can also use paper containers like Paper Jello Shot Containersthe ones used for ketchup in restaurants as Jello shot containers. You can rip the container and suck the Jello shot or just simply squeeze the bottom and suck out the shot.

These containers can also be purchased online and through restaurant supply stores.

Fruit Halves

Jello Fruit WedgesFruit halves, such as: lemons, limes, or oranges are great for serving Jello shots. You can basically use any fruit half that has a tough skin.

Simply cut the fruit in half, scrape out the fruit and fill them with your Jello mixture. You can either throw away the scraped out fruit or save it to add to your Jello shot for added texture. After you add the Jello mixture you can put them in muffin pans to set in the fridge and this will eliminate spills. When they are set up, cut the halves in half again making quarter wedges.

Jello Shot Injectors

Jello shot injectors or syringes or greatJello Shot Injector for parties. Fill the injector with your Jello shot and just squeeze the plunger. The injectors can be washed and reused again. 60cc medical syringes work great, hold just over 2 ounces plus they are inexpensive. Jello shot injectors can also be purchased online.

Ice Cube Trays

Ice Cube TrayIce cube trays can also be used for Jello shots. It is rather tricky to get the finished shots out of the trays. You can spray the ice trays with cooking tray beforehand and it will make removing the shot somewhat easier. Dipping the bottom of the ice cube tray into hot water for 5 – 10 seconds will also make the easier to remove.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses, although obvious, are an overlooked option for jello shot containers. Just use a toothpick around the edge to remove the shot or you can dip the shot glass in hot water just before serving.

Jello Twist Shot Cups

Jello Twist Shot Cups are great for serving jello shots.Jello Twist Shot Cup This is one of the best jello cup solutions out there. When taking a jello shot, is not being able to get all of the jello out. The Jello Twist Shot Cup is specially designed to prevent the jello from sticking to the edges.

Disposable Squeezable Shot Cups

Disposable Squeezeable Shot CupsAnother option for jello shots is disposable squeezable shot cups, a unique, flexible plastic designed exclusively for jello shots. With its accordion-like design, the two-ounce squeezable cup will not crack or break when customers compress the cup’s base and ease the jello shot into their mouths.

Jello Shot Accessories

Listed below of some of the Jello Shot accessories available at the Pour Me A Shot Bar Store.

  • Jello Injector Accessories – Large hole foam racks are designed to carry 3 oz. Jell-O Shot Injectors. Two popular shapes to choose from. The circle has a cup holder in the middle which is good for Injector caps.
  • Glo Shot Jello Injector – Available in several neon colors. All you do is crack the Jello injector like a typical glow stick to activate, and watch as the liquid inside the protective wall barrier illuminates the entire Jello injector.Each Jello Injector holds 1.5 ounces of your favorite Jello flavors. Made from food grade plastic and sold in packs of 12.
  • Suck & Blow Jello Shot Kit– It takes 2 people to take this one, so grab a friend. One person sucks, while the other person blows. Suck & Blow™ shots are great for bars, nightclubs, tailgating, special occasions, bachelorette parties, and more. Available in packs of 10, 30, or 75.
  • Shotgun Shooters With Caps – Fill these 6″ tubes with your favorite Jello® shot mix, add caps on both ends, chill and serve. Great for home parties or commercial bar use. Don’t forget to purchase a foam test tube rack to hold your custom made shooters. Holds 1 3/8 oz and has a diameter of 3/4″.

Note: Please drink responsibly. See Tips For Drinking Responsibly.

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