Basic Jello Shot Recipe

Ingredients and instructions on how to make a basic jello shot.

Jello Shot

Basic Jello Shot Recipe

The basic recipe for Jello shots is to substitute 1/4 of the total water the Jello recipe on the box calls for with the alcohol(s) of your choice. And continue to follow the Jello box instructions. Choosing a 2 oz. container (recommended) you will have an alcohol content of .5 oz. per shot. The average alcohol content of a shot of liquor served in a bar or restaurant is 1.25 – 1.75 oz.

You may increase the amount of liquor in your Jello shots by increasing the liquor and decreasing the same amount of water the recipe calls for. If you add liquor and do not reduce an equal amount of water it may make your Jello shot too runny and they may not set properly.

Always remember Jello shots can be rather deceiving. You may not can taste the alcohol, but it’s there.

Please drink responsibly! This rule applies to Jello shots, too.

Jello or Gelatin?

You can use any brand you want. You do not necessarily have to use the Jello brand.

The Numbers. How Many Jello Shots are in a Batch?

Most gelatin is sold in six ounce and three ounce boxes.

  • Six ounce box – produces 16 – 20 2 oz. Jello shots using the basic recipe
  • Three ounce box – produces 8 – 10 2 oz. Jello shots using the basic recipe

Note: Please drink responsibly. See Tips For Drinking Responsibly.

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