Identity Drinking Game

What You Need To Play the Identity Drinking Game

  • Post-it Notes
Post-it Notes

Identity Drinking Game Instructions

You’ll need paper that sticks to your forehead, like Post-it notes. Everybody writes down the name of a famous person on a Post-it note and exchanges it with another player. No peeking. Players stick their Post-it to their foreheads and sit in a circle. The first player, the questionnaire, asks the group yes or no questions so that he can guess his identity. If the group answers “yes,” they must have all take a drink. If they answer “no,” the questioner drinks. Questioners can only ask the group 10 questions and take 3 guesses. If he guesses his identity correctly, the group must take a generous drink and it’s the next player’s turn to be the questioner. If he guesses incorrectly, the questioner drinks.

Note: Please drink responsibly. See Tips For Drinking Responsibly.

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